School Visits

You visit has inspired our students to overcome all obstacles in pursuit of their dreams.
— E. Swafford, Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy

I love visiting schools and libraries.*   Storytelling is my passion and I can't wait to share it with kids and teachers alike.  I come from a family of educators and natural storytellers, and one thing I learned is nothing beats sharing stories in person.

*If you are a university or other organization seeking a creative speaker, please visit my Creative Speaking page for more information.



The power of a school visit

For me, having a published author in our school is like a rockstar stopping by for an exclusive concert.
— Happy Teacher

School visits bring an excitement to your classroom.  Quiet kids speak up.  Reluctant readers become engaged.  Even the adults in the room start secretly writing and joining in.  Storytelling is communal, personal and interactive.  Doesn't that sound like fun?

What I bring to the table

Invite me to speak about my work, my colorful journey from kid to author, and my careers in animation (with Disney!), film (with Tim Burton!), comic books (The Simpsons!) and monster making (GRIMM!).  It's guaranteed to entertain and inspire you to pick up a pen and write!

What the kids say

  • "Thank you so much for teaching us to be original and that we each have our own story."

  • "My writing has improved from what you told us."

  • "I am starting to use your way of plotting your ideas. I was so amazed how you made our ideas into a really good story."

  • " were really funny.."

  • " inspire me."

  • "I loved your presentation! "

  • "I want to be an author like you."

What teachers and librarians say

  • "You made the art of writing come ALIVE with both your passion and wonderful sense of imagination."

  • "For me, having a published author in our school is like a rockstar stopping by for an exclusive concert."

  • "Please come back soon."

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