Where I've Been: The Month of July

It has been one crazy summer.  I packed my bags at the end of June and headed to Plainfield, Vermont, home of Goddard College for the MFA in Creative Writing residency!  What a gorgeous way to see June off and welcome July. Goddard College Vermont Campus in July

We had an amazing residency.  Having spent time on both the Vermont and Port Washington campuses, I can't choose a favorite, but I can say the people and the work are mind-expanding on both coasts.  I taught a workshop in worldbuilding and sat in on an amazing set of 10 minute plays by the students.  Such a far cry from the 1-Act Play festivals of my high school days!


Plainfield has the added bonus of giant used bookstore living a comfortable life inside a country house.




From Plainfield, I flew home just in time for the 4th of July.  Then it was off to St. Paul, Minnesota for Hamline University's MFA in Children's Writing residency.

Hamline University Campus Clocktower

It's apparently a thing to have a clocktower on campus if you are serious about writing.

IMG_8070Hamline also has a spooky blend of old and new on campus.  Like this time warp of a room, which looks like a transporter accident between buildings.

Hamline is a completely different flavor from Goddard, but it's all ice cream so it's all good.  (In this case "ice cream" is writing.  You got that, right?)

But July was only partly done, so I flew back to California and headed right down to San Diego Comic Con for the Goblin Market.


Things get a little Strange during set up.

Smeagol the awesome pup

It was wonderful, as you can tell.  And now I am home and hustling to create before the school work starts pouring in!  I will leave you with Smeagol, and a promise of posts to come.

PASADENA, people.  In stores September 13th!  Look for weekly posts about the book starting next week, and a full on blog tour in September.  Follow meeeeeeee....!