Where has she been???

Hello dear readers,

Are you still there?  If you are, you must have the patience of Jove, as my mother would say, or a slow-moving loris (my words).

Slow Loris
The loris as posted by Menagerie

I have been seriously like, off-the-planet out of touch.  For which I do apologize.  You see, I was in the Grumps.  It's an offshoot of the Doldrums and there's a whole blog posting about it, as well as one about the mysterious Latina WASP, that I've been dying to share with you.  But I was stuck, it seems.

Well, I'm back now.  I'm on deadline, which always lights a fire under my, um, laptop.  Most importantly, I received an email today from the lovely, talented Tanita S. Davis, who happens to be both an award-winning author AND a fantastic blogger with not one, not two, but THREE blogs.  She wanted to know if I was okay.  Because I was, like I said, off-the-planet out of touch. 

And I was ashamed.

So here is my promise to you.  I will be posting, first this, and more next week.  After that, I will do my best.  I will convince the writer in me that there is room to be a blogger as well.  Wish me luck!