What did I miss?

Hi all.  I'm back from the Great White North and my weeks of peace and writing in the woods.  The north was indeed great, and also very white.  It snowed so heavily my last day on Whidbey that I almost missed the ferry back to Seattle due to bad roads!

Alas, I made my flight on time and now I'm back in sunny LA, nose still to the grindstone on writing, but with traffic lights tossed in the mix.  I'll be sure to post pics of my trip to Hedgebrook and give some updates on local (LA) Hedgebrook events coming up.  In the meantime, please check out my interview on the Teen Writers Bloc.  Thanks to Dhonielle for the great questions.  Be sure to check out her round-up question for Black History Month:  The Color of Universal Experience, which asks (and answers) some fascinating questions of race in literature.  Read on!

african history month 300x200 Black History Month Round Up Question: The Color of Universal Narrative Experience