Thor vs. Loki, or Why it's a shame I can't rap

Artist:  Esad Ribic from Loki.  Awesome!

Yes, because Thor and Loki are AWESOME!  I have not seen the new movie, nor am I endorsing it, but what I AM endorsing is Loki's awesome helmet and Thor's awesome hammer. 

Odin's throne room made an appearance at Comic Con last year in San Diego, and I was moved... to rap.
And so, here they are, the lyrics to my Loki vs. Thor/ Thor vs. Loki rap challenge.  If you want to hear it live, you'll have to... figure it out on your own.  Trust me, it's awesome.

Loki vs. Thor:  a rap by Sherri L. Smith (copyright 2011-- don't steal this baby!)

His name is Loki
and his rhymes are dope even
though he's not the favorite son
he's the one that makes you come alive
with pleasure!
while he
to kick Thor's
and take over
With Thor's own hammer
he'll make the ladies clamor
For Loki!  For Loki!
L to the O to the K to the I
Even Odin says:  Oh, my my
For Loki!  For Loki!
He's kind of high strung though, isn't he?
Oh, no, no, he's real low key

Thor vs. Loki:  A response rap by Sherri L. Smith (copyright 2011- I'm telling you, it's gold!)

(Norse god, y'all!)
What is he good for?
1, 2, 3
I said that his name is Thor!
And I'll tell you what he's good for:
kicking Loki's rear with his war hammer Mjolnir!
When Thor is on the clock
get ready to Ragnarok!
Don't mess with the Lord of Thunder
He'll put you six feet under
Get in his face and he'll lay waste and tear your world asunder!
(That's right!)
That's what he's good for!
1, 2, 3
And all the ladies say "Valhalla!"
All the ladies say "Valhalla!"
All the ladies say "Valhalla!" for THOR!

For those of you who didn't read comics, norse mythology, or watch cartoons... I feel sorry for you.  And also here's a glossary:

Thor - Norse god of thunder
Loki - his trickster brother
Odin - The All-Father, or old One-Eye.  God of Lightning, father of the gods, including Thor and Loki
Asgard - Norse realm of the gods
Midgard - Our world
Mjolnir - Thor's hammer (umlaut over the O-- haven't figured out how to type that yet!)
Ragnarok - End of the world, norse style, Armageddon
Valhalla - Norse heaven for heroes, Odin's great hall.

Please don't try to pass an exam using this glossary!  I don't want to be responsible for that!

And yes, that's a nod in the Thor rap to Edwin Starr.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!