The Toymaker's Apprentice Launch Party-- In Pictures!

Last Wednesday night, we launched The Toymaker's Apprentice  in style!  Once Upon A Time Bookstore hosted the event.  This is the oldest children's bookstore in the United States, celebrating 50 years in 2016!

Once Upon A Time


A pair of lovely ballerinas from the local dance school greeting guests with grins and twirling skirts!  Inside, the book was on display-- literally!



It's my first in store display!


Store Display

If you're wondering what's on my head, it's a hat I made when my husband commented that my outfit was too conservative.  "What do you suggest?" I asked, a bit miffed (I always freak out about what to wear to book events).  He said "A funny hat!"  I was not amused.  And then I made an adorable little nutcracker hat and I liked it.  So there.   Maureen TA Party


Lovely store owner Maureen Palacios gave me a fantastic introduction while I hid in the back.  They ring a giant gong to call you "on stage."  It's awesome!




Behind the Book

I read while the books and people listened.

Then the little people went on a treasure hunt, seeking candy cane mice spies and the krakatook!   

A mouse spy-- captured!

The fix appeared to be in when my nieces and nephew won the day.  To be fair, they knew we'd be hunting mice and came both determined and prepared!

The finder of the krakatook!


There was also a photo booth! (Note the product placement on the lower right-- totally unintentional)

What fine looking folks!

and a signing.

Signing TA


In short, it was a wonderful way to celebrate a book birthday!


P.S.  Yes, there were other kids, butI have permission to post these pics.  Besides which, my nieces and nephew helped make the mice, for which they deserve much credit.  And they are are so darn photogenic, wouldn't you agree?