Teen Read Week in the Sunshine State - originally posted 10/17/10

(Sorry about the photo, can't find it!)

I admit, this photo is just clip art.  I haven't had a chance to pull out my camera yet.  I'm in beautiful Clearwater, Florida for five days of school visits in honor of Teen Read Week.  How awesome is that (the trip and the week)?  I suggest we all read a book to celebrate!
Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet had the honor of being on the Sunshine State Young Readers' list for 2009-2010, so I'm looking forward to "dishing" on my favorite foods with students this week.  For instance, crab.
I like a food that comes with special tools and a bib for eating.  I like to throw caution to the wind, along with the bib, and dive in with both hands.  Tonight I ate a bucket of crab.  Sweet, succulent snow crab slathered in Old Bay seasoning.  You cannot get this in Los Angeles.  Dungeness, sure, but snow crab?  Not that I've seen, or I'd be eating it every day.
It.  Was.  Heaven.  In a bucket.  With butter on the side.  Soooo good.  I'm liking Florida already!
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