PASADENA: Who Is Maggie Kim?

Details are pedestrian when it comes to suicide—overdose, razor blade, gunshot, asphyxiation.  There are only so many ways to off yourself.  It’s not really the how that matters, anyway, just the who, the what, the why.  

Allablur.Sherri.Pasadena.Final.Edit-054 The who is Maggie.  Drop-dead gorgeous Maggie Kim.


The last time I saw her out by the pool, she was dressed like a movie star—black one-piece suit...


She’d worn a sheer black robe over it all, and candy-apple-red patent leather mules that clacked loudly on the pebbled surface of the deck but matched the polish on her manicure and toes.

Allablur.Sherri.Pasadena.Final.Edit-042 Poor Maggie.


Allablur.Sherri.Pasadena.Final.Edit-095 I failed her.


-- Sherri L. Smith's PASADENA Photos by