One Hundred

This marks my one hundreth blog post.  Given that the blog is called "The Middle Hundred," I should probably say something important.  But really, this is just the first hundred, and I've done a lot of writing lately, so I have nothing to say.  Let's save it for the two hundreth posting, when I promise I'll be witty and sage.  Today, we honor the centry mark with a tour, one that celebrates finding those first hundred pages.

Let's walk down this street.

And stop at this store.

And go in...

...choose a book from the tub...

...and sit by the fire.

And read.

This is Mr. B's Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath, England.  Let's just say that again, slowly:  Emporium. Of. Reading. Delights.  (I want to go to Bath).  Isn't it lovely?  And even better, they have a reading spa.  Take note, you British gift givers.  In this holiday season, what book lover wouldn't want to:

...visit our gorgeous shop in Bath for a one-on-one book chat in our sumptuous Bibliotherapy Room with one of the Mr B’s team over a mug of tea or coffee and a delicious slice of cake. Your bibliotherapist will then gather and introduce you to a tower of books specially selected to suit your reading tastes. Each Reading Spa voucher includes an amount to spend on books, so that you can pick your favourite recommendations and take them away with you.

Tea! Cake!  Tower of books!  I don't work for Mr. B's and they didn't ask me to write about their store.  I just stumbled across the website on one of my internet rambles (what I do when I should be writing) and fell head over heels in bookish love.  They also do a reading year subscription (the very thought makes me weep!).  Since I live in a neighborhood with no bookstores, independent or big box, this is balm to the soul.

Have any of you been to Mr. B's?  Tell me about it.  In detail.  Squee!