Nothing to say

Dear Reader,

I told myself I would post something new every week, but I have nothing to tell you today.  Not yet, at any rate.  Suffice to say, I left the Grumps some time ago and hit Crazy Making Deadline Land.  This is the place where you always feel like you are running through an airport with all of your checked luggage in hand, and the wheels are twisting the wrong way and you are tripping and dragging and hauling with all your might so you don't miss that flight, which is of course the last flight out ever.  The train is pulling away from the station, the cruise ship is weighing anchor and you are stuck with a bag full of souvenirs that seemed wonderful when you were shopping for them, but now seem like crap if you miss your ship.

I caught the boat, the train, the airplane.  I made it.  Heart pounding, hands shaking, sweaty and oh so very excited to sit down and have a cup of tea after all that darn writing.

Yes, I made my deadline and now that certain novel that's been gestating in the incubator of my writing desk is almost ready to hatch.  Not right away, of course.  Nothing in the book world happens right away.  But, well, let's just say it has a due date.  Or, in writing terms, a done date.  I won't say more than that, because I have nothing to say this week. 

But let's just say... Fall 2012. 

I'm just saying.  That's all.