New York, New York: A table top tour

Center for Fiction

This past December, I went to New York City to read at the Center for Fiction as part of their KidsRead program.  About 90 kids from The Equity Project Charter School braved the pouring rain with their copies of The Toymaker's Apprentice in tow, to hear me read and ask such burning questions as "Why did you--?!!!"  (No spoilers included here).

The Center is an amazing place, tucked into Midtown in the old Mercantile Library.  A very gentile space of crown moldings and bookcases, and it's very own bookstore on the first floor!  I want the whole building to be my secret headquarters.

Center for Fiction Bookstore

After a couple of book-filled hours, I was set lose in the city on the rainiest day this drought-stricken Angeleno has seen in forever.  Soaked to the bone, I made my way uptown to a fantastic craft fair held by the Asian American Arts Alliance.  There, my friends Reiko and Ming were selling Ming's amazing ceramics, aka "Ming's Monsters."

Ming's Monsters

I bought the perfect tea cup.  It nestles in the hand like a warm chick made for nestling in your hands!

The perfect cup

And then we ate.

Biang oxtail noodles

And ate.


Lots of good things.

Grimaldi's pizza

We paused to see Mark Morris' subversive retelling of the Nutcracker, in a non-ballet, 1950s cocktail party format.

The Hard Nut

Mouse King

And then we ate some more.


It was a delicious trip, start to finish.

NY Nutcracker and me

I really do love New York.

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