National Book Awards? I'll Be the Judge of That!

National Book Foundation, Presenter of the National Book Awards

Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, I dreamed of a certain kind of lifestyle.  One that involved sitting around reading books.  I'd do the reading.  Just send the books and keep them coming.  Sadly, my mother said, nobody gets to sit around and read all day.
Well.  A few months ago, I was invited to be a judge for the National Book Awards in the Young People's Literature category.  The NBAs!  That's like the Academy Awards of the book world!  Of course I said yes.  Wouldn't you? 
Now, it's crazy days at my house.  The dream is coming true.  This evening when I came home, fourteen books were waiting for me.  That makes 65 and counting.
Awesome.  This is the best gig in the world. 
It's a lot of work, as any previous judge will tell you.  Hundreds of books will be read by these eyeballs of mine and those of my fellow judges before the summer is through.  Maybe it's your book, or a book you love, or a book you haven't even heard of yet but will very soon.  I want you to know I will cherish the experience.  Thank you to the authors who poured their hearts and minds into their work.  Thank you to the National Book Foundation for the honor of being a part of these prestigious awards, and for bringing a little girl's dream to life.
Top of the world, Ma!

National Book Award Winning  Medal