My brain is on fire!

I usually do not post links to items for purchase.  If anything, I'll show you dreamy locations, usually full of books.  This is because I am not necessarily endorsing anything.

And yet...

I saw this map on, and it set my brain on fire!

Courtesy of BlueWillowFox

It's a map of Never Never Land!  With directions!

Burned into a sheet of leather, it folds up to become a journal cover.  The impossibly clever artist behind BlueFoxWillow has just exploded my mind. 

As a little girl, I was obsessed with Peter Pan.  I owned a beautiful, midnight blue leather bound copy of the book and carried it around with me.  I was Tinkerbell for three Halloweens in a row (unheard of these days-- the minute Halloween passes, I'm onto the next costume idea)!  I named my dog, and a pony after characters from the books!  Obsessed!

And now, this map.  Thank you, BlueFoxWillow, for making the sort of magic I only dreamed of come to life.

I'm off to dig up my copy of Peter Pan.