Meet the Author: A few things

It's been a while since I've done my blogging duty.  I've been writing and rewriting and rewriting my latest novel.  The good news is, it's done now.  I'll be posting more about it soon.

I've also been out and about doing things.  Great things, and then every day sort of normal things (like loads of laundry and last minute grocery trips).  There will be more soon about those things, too (the great ones, at least).

For now, I just want to let you know about three events I've got coming up later this month and next:

new SCIBA logo wee

  February 21, 2015 - SCIBA Children's Literacy Day - Long Beach, CA

If you're a Southern California Independent Bookseller, I hope I'll see you at this year's Literacy Day!  I'm on the "We Need Diverse Books" panel at 2:15pm with Ayize Jama-EverettCynthia Kadohata,  and Stacey Lee.  I hope to see you there!

    March 21, 2015 - Ontario Library Teen Book Fest - Ontario, CA

    Join me and fifteen of your other favorite California authors at the fifth annual Teen Book Fest in Ontario!  I've got two panels, "Different Worlds" in the morning and "Hidden Lives" in the afternoon.  It is going to be amazing.  Come join the awesome!

    HomeMarch 27 - 29, 2015 - AnomalyCon - Denver, CO
    A steampunk and alternate history convention?  What?!  Count me in!  If you're in the Denver area, or can get there, this promises to be an incredibly rich event.  I'm on six (!) panels throughout the weekend, discussing everything from gender and diversity to character building and romance!  If you're at AnomalyCon, look for me and say hello!

    There!  A lot of good stuff on the horizon.  I've got some amazing pictures coming up from my chat with Lt.Col Robert Friend, Tuskegee Airman and all around wonder man.  He's amazing and I can't wait to tell you all about him!

    Now, back to doing laundry.  Have a great week everyone!