L'esprit d'escalier - a book lover's treat!

Bookcase Staircase from Apartment Therapy: Europe

L'esprit d'escalier means "staircase wit."  It references the clever things you wish you had said earlier, but only recall after the fact, say, on the staircase instead of during the conversation.  It's the witty comeback you only come up with two days later, lying awake in bed.

Or, it's could refer to this awesome staircase, designed by Levitate Architecture and Design Studio in London.  A bookcase that is also a staircase, complete with skylight above to light your ascent.  It reminds me of Alice falling down the rabbit hole.  I can see myself curled up here for hours, reading, browsing, and getting in everybody's way.  Like a cat.

Go ahead and feed your imagination.  See more pictures at Apartment Therapy: Europe's website.