It's that time of year again!

So, you've probably been wondering where I've been.  Deep in the Middle Hundred, people, deep in it.  I've been up to my elbows in rewrites on Orleans and another project that shall remain nameless for the time being.  I've been revising and revising since February.  I tell you, it's like a fine sauce, or a soup, cooking a book is, reducing it until it's rich and thick and delicious.  Unfortunately, it's not soup just yet, but it's getting there.  In fact, I've called in the tasters and now I'm anxiously awaiting their comments-- more salt?  More pepper?  A dash of thyme?
In the meantime, this week is Comic Con!!!   I'm off to my favorite gobin market to see what there is to see.  Now, I'll let you in on a secret.  If you want to know what writers do when they aren't writing, well, this one makes jewelry and other random stuff.  If you want to see it, and you are at Comic Con, then swing by the Small Press section and look for Tired Girl Collective.  It's the pink table with me and my friend Ren behind it.  And if you happen to have a book with you that you'd like signed, well, I suppose I'd be willing to do that too!  I'll be around Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, so come on by and say hello.
When I come back, I promise I'll tell you all about what's been happening in my book kitchen.  Or, at least the parts that seem interesting.  Until then, ROCK OUT!