It's Here! ORLEANS in stores TODAY!!!

Run out and get your copy now!  Give it to everyone you know!  Excuse my enthusiasm!  I'm just so excited to share this book!

I will now call around to all the bookstores in LA to see if I can find it on the shelf. And then I will make it face outward so everyone sees it.* (Am I the only writer who does this?)

Happy ORLEANS Day!

Don't forget to keep following the March Madness Orleans Blog Tour (details below)-- today I'm at Green Bean Teen Queen, and there will be more to come!

*Note: A friend's mom started doing this with my books in her town years ago.  She calls it "grassroots marketing."  And yes, I have been known to join in on the "face out" campaign.  To all you booksellers out there, we promise not to make your shelves look messy, but we just can't help ourselves!