Interview - Winged Victory

Hi Folks,

I've been MIA for a little while.  It seems when I hand in a draft I sink into an "after the party" blue period.  After months of concentration, I suddenly find it hard to focus.  It's what Spring break does to your GPA.  I've got plenty of little projects still on my plate, including a fun reading at Vroman's Bookstore last week. 

That said, not a lot of brillance on the blog lately.  So, instead, I suggest you go to a different blog for your dose of "Sherri said what?"  Today I am the featured interview on Winged Victory, a Women in Aviation Web Magazine.  Thanks to Barbara for tracking me down in the wilds of Virginia and following up with me on the wilds of the internet. 

Oh, and when you're done with that, deck your halls a little with the charming book trees at Booklicious.  I'm in love!  Enjoy!