Imagine... Little Free Libraries

So, I'm obsessed with miniature things-- little houses, little fairy doors, tiny giraffes that are REAL and live in a tiny zoo like the one I asked Santa to bring me when I was just a bit too old to think it would really happen (I mean, tiny zoos, come on! Everybody'd have one.).  Which is why, when I first heard about Little Free Libraries I just about popped with joy.

Imagine... tiny libraries crammed with books just sitting in the front yard with the flamingos and bathtub madonnas and mailboxes, FULL of FREE BOOKS to borrow and love and share. 

From the Little Free Library Gallery

I've known about them for a long time, but I've never seen one in person.  And then today, a very clever friend of mine who knows what I like sent me a link to the Little Free Library MAP OF THE WORLD!  Yes, the World, people.  These things are cropping up like fairy circles all over the planet.  And they work the same magic: reach inside and be transported to new worlds.  Courtesy of people who love and respect books.

There are little libraries all across the United States.  There are two in my neighborhood!  They are in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Pakistan!  I feel a reading road trip coming on.  I'll pack the tea and eye drops. 

So, this summer, wherever you go, check the map.  Maybe you can join in on the fun.  Of course, if you really want to join in and put up a little library of your own, check out the website,

Okay, now back to writing...