Happy New Year!

Clock showing New Year's Eve

Welcome, welcome, 2011!  Wow, my fingers feel like they're stuttering just typing that.  It's a new year, ladies and gentlemen, and a new chance to write something fantastic.  That's my goal with every new year-- what books, short stories, or ideas can I dream up this time.  I've just spent a few moments writing my aspirations for the new year.  I've got projects on my plate that are ongoing works in progress, and a few seeds for things down the line.  I'm excited to get started.  But first, I have to clean house.  (Isn't it appropriate that chores are called chores?  A word synonmous with heel-dragging, Idontwannadoit-ness.)

So, once you clean house and toss out all the wrapping paper, vaccum up the pine needles, chisel off the candle wax, or whatever other detritus is left by your winter celebration, what do you dream of doing?  New year, clean slate.  Let's write something! 

2011, New YearTorrey Douglass