February in the Woods

Yesterday marked the start of Black History Month.  I immediately thought of Ms. Bessie Coleman, the African-American aviatrix that inspired my character Ida Mae Jones, in FLYGIRL.  Start the month off right, and read a little something about the woman who flew against the odds.
This will my only post for a few weeks, as I am back at Hedgebrook, the women writers' retreat on Whidbey Island, WA.  I'll be tucked away in my little cottage in the woods like a hibernating bear with a laptop.  When I emerge, hopefully I'll have a near-to-final draft of ORLEANS as well as a few other goodies.  Wish me luck! 
There should be some sort of Writer's bless—may your synapses spark merrily, your fingers skip nimbly, and your dreams take flight on the page.  That's my wish for all of you writers out there this February of 2011, and always.  Happy Writing, everyone.  Now, get back to work!