Beautiful Reminders

Today I received a gift in the mail.   IMG_5452

These handmade books accompanied the warmest, most open-hearted letter I have received in a long time.  Like all letters, this one told a story.  One of loss, love, friendship and healing.  And these books… these beautiful books!  


The cover paper is imported from Japan, the interior pages are hand torn by the maker, and the binding stitches are traditional.


 I can’t help but think of the traditions that bind us together, family to family, friend to friend.  As the new year enters the stage, I find I am grateful for the colors around me, both delicate and bold.  The careful tearing that shapes us into who we are.  And the steady ties, bound by hand, that hold us together, even when the world is falling apart.  


Thank you, for the reminder, my friend.  And for these little stacks of beauty and tender pages.  I can’t wait to see what fills them in the coming year.  A year of good things, I hope, for all of us.