An interesting afternoon

Pin up by my talented friend Ren from Tired Girl Collective-- check us out at SDCC!

Yesterday I did my first podcast with Black Girl Nerds.  My favorite part?  Hearing the host say "Caller, you're on the air, what's your question?"  It brought me back to all those episodes of "WKRP in Cincinnati" my parents used to watch-- surprisingly exciting!  A big thanks to Jaime and Cynthia for making me feel so welcome. 

You can catch the podcast right here, but I encourage you to visit the BGN blog.  (While you're at it, join their book club.  WILDSEED by Octavia S. Butler is next up!)  In this day and age when so many people are openly living the lives they choose, it's astonishing to me that some folks are still shy about owning their nerdiness.  The founder of BGN, Jamie, started her blog as a safe place for women of color, and all people to embrace their inner geek.  I, for one, am down with that message.  Live long and prosper, y'all!

For a real blast, take a look at the talk on their twitter page.  Some great dream casting suggestions (complete with pictures!) for ORLEANS!

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